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Strategies and Reasons for Implementing Hybrid Cloud   Recently updated !

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One of the biggest concerns of organizations examining the option of cloud computing is how to preserve the security of sensitive information, especially the preferred architecture is to use a hybrid cloud that includes a publicly available network seamlessly integrated with a private cloud where the latter, provides higher level of security. A common misconception […]

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Hybrid Cloud performance

3 Aspects That You Must Have in Place for Excellent Hybrid Cloud Performance   Recently updated !

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Built for Speed: Designing for Hybrid Cloud Performance As cloud computing continues to mature in the enterprise, the service model that seems to be resonating with many companies is the hybrid cloud model (see an excellent snapshot of different cloud types in infographic format here). According to industry firm IDC, hybrid cloud is well on […]

What Does Hybrid Cloud Management Mean to IT Managers?   Recently updated !

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Best of Both Worlds: Considerations in Implementing Hybrid Clouds The cloud continues to fumble it’s way toward definition, and while the industry has pretty much settled on the various service-delivery models, such a Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS), and Software as a Service (SAAS), there is still a lot discussion […]

Hybrid Cloud for IT Managers

VoIP jitter under control? Will cloud based VoIP based back-end analytics a game changer?   Recently updated !

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Looking ahead to 2015, one of the more interesting developments is the rise of cloud-based VoIP. Hosted PBX services offer the potential not only for a better level of service, but for the addition of a host of other services and back-end analytics and integration that bring a new host of services forward. (You can […]

Is VoIP Reliability Still a Concern? Everyone Moved on to the Cloud, How About Your VoIP?   Recently updated !

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Over the last decade, cloud computing has become a viable solution for small businesses looking to compete with enterprise organizations. At the same time, VoIP’s value proposition has been improving at a remarkable pace. Today, merging VoIP communications with cloud services is an affordable and reliable way to enter the realm of Unified Communications (UC), and […]

VOIP Reliability

VOIP security

Business VOIP Security is Finally Serious Business in 2015   Recently updated !

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Getting Serious about VoIP Security In the IT world, if 2014 could be called anything, it could be called ‘the year of the hacker’. Security, which had already been on pretty much everybody’s mind, quickly became an even higher priority. And recent attacks at Target and Sony only served to underscore just how prevalent and […]