Monthly Archives: January 2015

Will desk phones at work become just an app on your mobile?

As reliable VoIP services have become more stable and affordable, organizations have jumped at the ability to replace outdated phone systems. Today, WAN-based communications are available in both VoIP and UC, or Unified Communications, at costs that are far below traditional PBX-switched systems. Even better, today’s UC practices are capable […]

How to Configure Your Services on a Load Balancing Router?

We have talked about the 3 essential aspects of Internet load balancing earlier, however, we want to revisit some of the common questions and associated answers related to setting up a load balancing router in your office network: Can I keep my existing network setup untouched, when I am installing a new load balancing […]

Is SIP Trunk Reliability holding back businesses from adopting SIP?

Crossing The Chasm: Looking At SIP Adoption In 2015 SIP trunking provides the foundation for unified communications and other advanced communication services – things like video and web conferencing, voice over IP, contact center applications, soft client-based communications, and other applications are all facilitated by SIP trunking. Businesses seem to […]