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Having a Hybrid Cloud Management Strategy is Essential and Should not be an Afterthought   Recently updated !

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As enterprises are building their private cloud services, they are also exposed to the bottoms up pressure from their employees using services that run on public clouds. Therefore they are practically forced into what’s called, hybrid cloud management where some services that the IT department manages run on their corporate private clouds where as some […]

Hybrid Cloud Management

BGP load-balancing

Why BGP load balancing is not a good idea, unless you are AT&T   Recently updated !

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Enterprises and mid-sized ISPs that have tried to implement BGP load balancing as a means to multi-home two or more gateways will immediately agree to the technical difficulties involved with setting up BGP. Configuring the optimum route announcements to other BGP peers to achieve a balanced traffic flow is difficult. Especially load balancing inbound traffic […]