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Cable Modem vs DSL for Business Applications   Recently updated !

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A recent Wall Street Journal blog discusses the median Internet download speeds of various ISPs in USA, measured by Internet speed test by end users. The results were interesting to investigate to see if there were any conclusions that can be drawn out of the study with respect to how cable modem vs DSL performance […]

ISP speeds in USA

WAN Load Balancing reduces risk

WAN Load Balancing – Core of Corporate WAN Strategy   Recently updated !

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Why do we keep spare keys, spare tire or even have more than one eye, more than one ear etc? The answer is simple, humans and nature, like to spread our chances for things that are vital for survival. If humans had only one eye or one ear, the likelihood of surviving (going back to […]

Not All Load Balancing Routers Are Created Equal   Recently updated !

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In today’s IT best practices, load balancing router is one of cornerstones of the WAN (Wide Area Network) architecture. The reliance on a high performance and highly available Internet connectivity is a direct result of the services shifting to a centralized, private or public cloud based WAN architectures. Load balancing routers sits right at the […]

load balancing routers