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RIP T1 Bonding

Until fairly recently, when a company grows from a small company to a mid-sized business, you had no choice but to utilize the T1 bonding approach for getting enough bandwidth for your mission critical Internet applications that required strict QoS (Quality of Service). We have seen many times, how rapidly […]

T1 is a dying technology

3 Common Traps You Should Avoid in Application Performance Management

Employees of an enterprise are the direct customers of the IT department. With any customer/vendor relationship, the ultimate goal is to solve their client’s problem and make them happy. This conversation between the end-users and the IT department within the enterprise, happens around application performance. If there are issues with […]

Internet Traffic Shaping – Static vs Dynamic Traffic Shaping

If you are like me or many other Americans commuting to work every day via Inter-state highways, you can easily visualize the difference between “Dynamic Traffic Shaping” and “Static Traffic Shaping” and the significant benefits of the former. Not too long ago, the metering gates at the I-5 had little […]