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Planting wireless bonding in Georgia   Recently updated !

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Fierce Wireless covered a story about wireless bonding enabling a state botanical garden with fast and reliable Internet access. Here is a brief excerpt from the article: Solutions for wireless bonding continue catching on as users demand higher broadband speeds and more reliable connections. As part of that trend, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia […]

Wireless bonding

Partnership to Boost Bandwidth and Reliability of Live Video Streaming   Recently updated !

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Live video streaming is continuing its growth, fueled by new technologies that make it easier and more cost effective to stream live. For many decades, live video delivery has been limited to only professionals that could afford the high-end ENG equipments and personnel required. With new technologies such as the Streamer by Mushroom Networks (that […]

VPN bonding is the key for branch office connectivity   Recently updated !

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VPN bonding is a popular technology that is used to design WANs for multi-office enterprises. The obvious challenge facing businesses with multiple offices is to create and maintain a high level of performance and reliability across all locations even though the available ISP services can be wildly varying, especially for multi-national organizations. VPNs (Virtual Private […]

VPN bonding

Redundant Internet access now available in Africa   Recently updated !

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Mushroom Networks is bringing redundant Internet access to enterprises in Africa through its partnership with T48 Internet Solutions, a connectivity provider in Africa. T48 will provide Mushroom’s Broadband Bonding appliances to enable business clients with high performance and high reliability WAN connectivity. Redundant Internet access is particularly more important in areas where quality bandwidth pipes […]