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Will wired broadband no longer be needed in a 4G world? 1   Recently updated !

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The world of superfast broadband seems to be turning from famine to feast. Mobile and broadband offers are a-plenty and the days of struggling to find a signal or waiting hours for a download to complete finally look as if they are coming to an end. With this, a new battle is starting to gather pace, Superfast broadband […]

Internet failover case study with LS Direct Marketing   Recently updated !

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Internet failover case study with LS Direct Marketing Truffle is a Broadband Bonding network appliance that offers aggregated Internet connectivity of up to 12 Internet access lines and two additional wireless data cards. LS Direct Marketing lost its single Internet connection during Hurricane Sandy and required a new connectivity solution with greater reliability and redundancy. […]

WAN Optimization best practices   Recently updated !

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Recently, I guest posted at IT-TNA (IT Trends and Analysis) about WAN optimization best practices, here is excerpt: WAN Optimization best practices As enterprise applications gradually moved from being hosted on localized servers at local offices to centralized hosted servers at the headquarter and data centers, it shifted the pressures and challenges on IT from […]