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Truffle reviews

Here is a few selection of Truffle reviews, case-studies and feedback from Truffle users: Chaminade Resort hotel boost speed and reliability of their Internet access. Video review of Truffle LiteĀ and thoughts on WAN virtualization. M-Wave’s review of Truffle in a case study. Some snippets and quotes of reviews of Truffle […]

Blended MPLS and beyond

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) has risen in popularity with enterprises that require low-latency and high reliability. MPLS is a framework where the carrier can provide switching instead of routing by utilizing simpler labeling within their network. This accelerates the routing process and therefore can provide lower latency. MPLS networks […]

How does multiple IP addresses work with a Broadband Bonding multi-WAN firewall? 2

Keeping the ease of control and management of a single IP address on the WAN side can be an important factor for the IT team when implementing a WAN virtualization, WAN optimization or WAN bonding solutions. Especially in non-green-field deployments of a WAN expansion via a Broadband Bonding or load-balancing […]

Why do Internet load balancer need to evolve?

There hasn’t been a time where the applications running on Internet have been changing so rapidly. Applications are moving to public and private clouds, fast — putting growing pressure on the Internet performance, more specifically the WAN segment of the Internet that services the end-users. This applies both for consumer […]