Monthly Archives: June 2012

Do load balancing routers help in site-to-site VPN setups?

Multi-office enterprises are increasingly depended on services managed and provided from their regional headquarter data-centers and sometimes public clouds are involved to create a hybrid cloud architecture. This puts additional pressure on the SLAs of the WAN links at the branch offices in terms of performance and reliability. High availability […]

Load balancing algorithms and its limitations

Link load balancing refers to the dual WAN or multi WAN routers that can accept more than one WAN connections. A load balancer (or load balancing firewall) will then distribute the outbound links that are generated from the LAN and are destined to the Internet. There are various types of […]

Is a cloud based IP-PBX right for you? 2

PBXs (Private Branch Exchange) make connections among the internal telephones of a private organization—usually a business—and also connect them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via trunk lines. The trunk lines can be analog PSTN lines, PRI channels over T1 or in the case of IP-PBXs, the more modern VOIP based SIP […]

Is WAN consolidation part of IT consolidation?

Enterprises are moving their various applications and services that have been living in unconnected silos into consolidated single frameworks. A concrete example is the data-center consolidation where the applications and services that used to live in the independent servers within the branch offices, are not all pulled into a single […]