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Internet load balancing 21

When it comes to your Internet connectivity at the office, there are 3 primary factors you should take into account: 1) Reliability 2) Performance 3) Cost For the best reliability and performance with the lowest possible cost, an ideal approach is to “build” your own WAN (Wide Area Network) Internet […]

how to stream live video from a remote location? 3

Streaming video from a remote location to a head-office or directly to a video server or CDN (Content Delivery Network) is now possible with the recent advancements in video streaming technology. Bringing in the complete robust solution together however can require some research. Let’s start with the basics. Your video […]

What is WAN virtualization and how will it effect your organization? 4

The term “virtualization” has been historically used for describing technologies where a group of physical assets are intelligently managed by a software layer for a simpler, more efficient and better performing presentation of the resources to the higher layers. As an example server virtualization is the technology that describes the […]

Video streaming over bonded 3G 4G wireless for command and control vehicles

When it comes to Internet reliability for command and control vehicles for emergency response¬†(first response), Broadband Bonding is a must have technology for the most reliable Internet. Government Computer News’ William Jackson recently had a chance to talk to Paulding County (Paulding County case study)¬†who knows how Broadband Bonding can […]

Broadband Bonding is a cost effective alternative to MPLS for branch office WANs 2

Yesterday at Interop, I had a chance to chat with Tech Target’s editor Tessa Parmenter about MPLS, how broadband bonding (SD-WAN), and WAN virtualization is starting to change the MPLS landscape and how it is reshaping the branch office connectivity. More specifically she asked me about if Mushroom Networks’ Broadband […]