Monthly Archives: March 2012

New traffic filtering, traffic shaping and monitoring engine added to the Truffle Internet bonding devices

Truffle already had a very powerful QoS and firewall built-in. The new module¬†features enhanced controls, allowing visibility, filtering and classification of traffic (traffic filtering) via application-aware layer 7 deep-packet inspection filters with a built-in library of hundreds of application identifiers. It enables traffic to be placed into various priority levels, […]

How can you make VOIP quality and reliability even better than your plain-old-telephone? 3

VOIP (Voice Over IP) is everywhere in the core network. Even your plain-old-telephone service is converted into IP packets at one point in the core network and is transmitted over IP packet switched networks. The latency and packet drops are negligible at the core and therefore we can’t even tell […]

Channel surfing on cloud 9 1

With the multitude of IP based media devices around us, the reliance on television for entertainment and content delivery is decreasing on a daily basis. While it is still appealing to watch sports and live events on television, lure of staying always connected on social network channels cannot be undermined. […]