What is VNF (Virtual Network Function) and why should you care?

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Data centers are going through a paradigm shift from a manually configured set of servers and storage appliances, to a software defined architecture, where the servers and storage appliances (virtual or physical) can be managed and operated via a software defined architecture. This means less manual errors, lower cost and more efficient way to operate […]

Virtual Network Function

Bandwidth Bottleneck

Where is the bandwidth bottleneck?

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Recently Nature magazine posted a thorough article about bandwidth bottleneck and researchers race to solve some of the fundamental challenges that can push us through the bandwidth limits. Even though limits in fiber optics, and semiconductor chip technologies exist, they are usually less costly to improve and therefore are usually not the choking points. Connecting […]

Can You Rely on IPSec alone for Security ?   Recently updated !

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IPsec is an IETF standard that enables mutual authentication between hosts and also facilitates negotiation of cryptographic keys that will be used in encrypting the IP packets. Even though IPsec support encryption without authentication, that is really not a good idea for security. With the latest news about NSA tools potentially being stolen and available […]

IPsec security

business continuity with SD-WAN

Business Continuity with SD-WAN

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Delta Airlines lost millions of dollars this week, according to Wall Street Journal┬áreport, all caused by a single networking device problem (reported as “switchgear problem”). The early measurements of the cost of the outage is not taking into effect the bad publicity and PR this created as well as the bitter taste for passengers who […]

What is Network Function Virtualization – NFV, and how will it impact your WAN?

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Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is the concept of being able to programmatically add/modify the functionality of a network. You can think of NFVs as virtual appliances that you program into a network to inject various services into the network. Some of the primitive NFV concepts rely on static capabilities such as firewall’ing, NAT’ing, DHCP and […]

Optimizing WAN with NFV

Broadband Bonding Service provide by Relay in the cloud

How do dual WAN routers handle 2 IP addresses?

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As Mushroom Networks, we provide dual WAN and multi WAN solutions for enterprises and therefore we commonly get asked about having 2 or more IP addresses from 2 different ISPs and how that will work. This is a very natural question to ask since within the dual WAN router, you will be plugging in 2 […]

The need for more Internet speed is crystal-clear for the businesses in Philippines

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Snail-pace Internet leaves business on ice in Philippines… With a large economic potential, Philippines’ slow business Internet access is creating a drag for the businesses. Out of 22 Asian countries, Philippines ranks 21st in terms of Internet speed according to a recent article in Reuters. According to the article, the slow Internet speeds are making […]

Slow Internet